Since inception, SHAREE has been working with different program like-human development, children education, health related issues, climate change, agriculture and micro-finance in different parts of the country with beneficiaries from all sphere of societies, including Dalit community members. Working with the members of Dalit community, the organization recognized, only a few organizations have been working with Dalit related issues, outreaches of those organization’s were also inadequate with very limited activities.

SHAREE has been gradually shifting its focus towards Dalit Community development works, exclusively. Over the years the organization could successfully developed itself as an ideal and specialized human development support institution for Dalit. Along with social and human development activities, SHAREE has also expanded its activities for integration of social enterprises with human development programs in order to support individual Dalit community member, particularly women, to become self-reliant.

Dalits are most deprived, neglected and discriminated strata of modern human civilization. As a result this community need special attention. Usual development strategies and working approaches are not always compatible, they need some specialised approaches. In the year 2011 SHAREE succeeded to develop its Strategic Plan in consultation and dialogue with the stake holders for next 15 years. Women Human Rights, Dalit Rights, Education & actions to under climate change situation, Development of Human Rights Defender, Strengthening of Panchayets of Dalit community under a network, inclusion women in Dalit Panchayet, development of youth as future leader, and in a gradual process SHAREE turn over as a Dalit organization is placed in the Strategic Plan.

The activities of SHAREE mainly include- operating Pre-primary school, Non-formal primary education and social education, different human development and skills development training, advocacy campaign(s) and establishment and nursing of networking of Dalit CBOs, establishment of linkage between Dalit CBOs/Panchayet and different service providing organizations, organise rallies and meetings on different human rights/gender issues.

Name and address of the contact person: Ms. Preo Bala Biswas, Executive Director, House-11, Road-4, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.
Telephone: +88-02-9615547, 9615549, E-mail:

Legal status of the applicant organisation: SHAREE is a national organisation registered with the Government of Bangladesh and permitted to work at any of the areas in the country.

The registration authorities are the:

NGO Affairs Bureau of Government Registration No: 1595, Date: 10/12/2010
Directorate of Social Welfare Registration DSS No- Dh 04776, Date: 17/11/99