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How many times have you placed a parlay just to have it shed on the match? It’s true that you’ve chosen 4 out of 5 or 5 out of 6 but it still pays the same as if you went 1 to 5 since in the event that you lose one match you eliminate the entire wager.
One of the reasons sportsbooks can provide chances parlays is because its difficult to pick 1 winner let alone select at 5. Let’s have a look at how to figure a parlay.
How to Calculate a Parlay
If you are likely to bet parlays, always check the payouts as the chances vary from site to site but normally they payout about 2.6/1 to get a two teamer and 6/1 for a 3-teamer with Standard -110 lines.
F you are picking all spreads on your parlay there’s a little secret that I will let you on that will boost your payout. Contain an Away Standard Line (one that isn’t -110) in your parlay and you will be given”True Odds” instead of the fixed chances you would normally receive.
Check for Parlay needs and all your wager out Here is how you can calculate a”True Odds” Parlay yourself.

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