HomeworkMarket.Me – Among the questions asked by the ROP opposition MPs, appeared frequently question concerning the level of funding for the ROP office.

He claimed that after the abduction the kidnappers F. left alone with George G. George G. Zabrze was president in 2002-2006 on behalf of the SLD. His troubles began on loans taken out before he began to rule Zabrze. Lech F. – the son of a former accomplice George G. – accused the President that borrowed money from him twice: 20 thousand. and 246 thousand. zł. The latter amount G. – F. as he said – never gave. F. sued politician civil trial. G. defended himself, staggered Lech F. matter of trying to extort money, which – as he claimed – in fact, never borrow. F. introduced in response to the agreement signed by the president. G. explained that the agreement signed promissory note, and the second loan did not cover 246 thousand. zł, only a tenth of this amount, which was F. add the third digit. Court case finally won F. (PAP) On Wednesday, at a meeting of the committee of justice and human rights, the Ombudsman Adam Bodnar presented information on the observance of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen in 2017. And on the activities of the Ombudsman. At the beginning of the sitting MP Michal Szczerba (PO) requested that the meeting could be attended by representatives of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy and Citizens Republic. Head of the committee Stanislaw Piotrowicz (PiS) pointed out that “in Poland is several thousand non-governmental organizations” and announced that the organizations that participate in the meeting, had previously lodged an application to the commission secretariat. He added that organizations can arrange your own meeting with ROP. The meeting was attended by representatives of Amnesty International’s Campaign Against Homophobia, Civic Watchdog Network Poland and the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. In his speech, Bodnar spoke about the legislative changes concerning the constitutional system. “The biggest concern is the failure of the constitutional principle in the practice of social dialogue and cooperation between the authorities, which is reflected in the lack of consultation among the projects of many important laws. In addition, changes in the functioning of courts of law, the National Council of the Judiciary and the Supreme Court to increase the impact of political factors on the functioning of justice, and thus weaken the system of protection of human rights. it is also make your homework seriously limited the role of the Constitutional Court “- rating. He added that there is “a number of restrictions of our rights and freedoms of a personal and political.” As an example, among others, he pointed “Violations of the right to organize kontrmanifestacji.” He pointed out that it is still not made a judgment of the Constitutional Court concerning the financial benefits for caregivers of adults with disabilities. Unenforced is also the Constitutional Court’s judgment of 2015. Unconstitutionality of the provision allowing partial annulment of the administrative decision in flagrant violation of the law, without any time limit. The spokesman said that the observed increase in crimes motivated by prejudice or hate, eg. Against people of a different race, ethnic origin or nationality and religion. According to the Ombudsman’s office negotiated procedure should be introduced gender of transgender people, which is not going to force them to sue their parents to court. “There is still much to do when it comes to respect for the rights of homosexual persons and persons living in a union of people of the same sex, but also the fight against homophobia” – he added. Bodnar also spoke about the problems associated with failure to pay child support, parental contact with children after divorce, the fight against domestic violence and the situation of parents caring for persons with disabilities. ROP also drew attention to the need to protect women’s rights. “In a year in which we celebrate the centenary of the granting of voting rights to women, we should wonder whether in fact these rights are fully implemented – in the context of their health care, the actual implementation of the law on family planning and the conditions of termination of pregnancy, the availability of treatment in vitro fight domestic violence, balancing private and professional roles and perinatal care, “- he said. He stressed that he was happy that the topic of perinatal care Mateusz Morawiecki Prime Minister raised in his expose. “Violation of human rights in Poland just touch those most vulnerable – those who can not assert, or for various reasons do not have the chance,” – he said. In this context pointed to the homeless, depressed mental health and people living in rural areas affected by the consequences of various energy investments, construction and industrial. “As Ombudsman I will do everything in my power to citizens to help. I will not be discouraged that politics enters the realm of the law. I will be looking for solutions, because if you can help another person, another group excluded, it is worth every effort. But at the same time I do not cease to be faithful to the Constitution of the Polish Republic of 2 April 1997. ” – said Bodnar. During the committee meeting opposition MPs positively assessed the activities of the Ombudsman and his office. “Last year showed clearly that today ROP is actually one of the last redoubts of human rights” – said Kamila Gasiuk-Pihowicz (Modern). Michael Szczerba (PO) stressed that “spokesman Adam Bodnar is the voice of ordinary people.” “To him seek people wronged, weaker, excluded, often left to themselves. I would like to draw attention (…) all these activities that he performs in an impartial, competent, and for the elderly, the disabled, the homeless” – He said. Among the questions asked by the ROP opposition MPs, appeared frequently question concerning the level of funding for the ROP office. Bodnar reported that in recent years the ROP were successively applied to new tasks, de facto, without the allocation of additional financial resources. He pointed out that the last change, a result of which the Ombudsman has a new job, is to grant competence to complain extraordinary. “So far, received more than 1,000 applications for filing a complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman,” – he said. Announced that it will be appealed to the Prime Minister for a transfer to the budget of the Ombudsman or the grant funds from the budgetary reserve for the efficient handling of requests ws. Extraordinary complaints. Bartholomew Wroblewski (PiS) said that many of the actions taken by the Ombudsman “deserves respect”. At the same time he drew attention to the issue of “entering the (Ombudsman) in the political conflict in Poland and strong politicization associated with the same institution ROP”. “The main problem that I see in your business and your public statements, is that the regular (…) Mr. statements are part of the expression on the one hand the political dispute,” – he stressed. Kazimierz Smolinski (PiS) estimated that in the information presented spokesman focused on information about the observance of human rights and freedoms, and not to report on the activities of the Ombudsman, which – as he said Smolinski – “is like the Annex to the information.” “This, in my view, a violation of your constitutional duty” – he stressed. He asked how many requests spokesman withdrew from the Constitutional Court and that informed the people that were interested in the case. Bodnar replied that one of the reasons for withdrawal of proposals was noticing changes in warehouses Court “in such a way that there were no dissenting opinions.” “I say this forcefully: in matters that are relevant to the political system, cases in which there is a deep political interest, you can not count – in my opinion – the independence of the Constitutional Court.” “This ruling is associated with people who – in my opinion – are unauthorized …” – he added. This statement was interrupted committee chairman Stanislaw Piotrowicz. “This is a confirmation of this, that your speech was and is a political manifesto. The Lord does not represent the people, you is not present to defend its citizens. Mr. mission of political” – he stressed. Chairman of the committee decided to close the debate and the meeting of the committee, despite protests from opposition MPs, who pointed out that the spokesman had no time to answer all the questions. (PAP) by Olga Zakolska editor: Marcin Kucharzewski According to still incomplete results of Thursday’s vote the Conservatives won 318 seats in the 650 deputies numbering the House of Commons; They did not obtain absolute majority, which amounts to 326 MPs. Until now, the Tories have 331 MPs. They will therefore have to seek a coalition partner after the election or the formation of a minority government. “May lost” – writes, “Corriere della Sera” recalling that the head of government depended on winning a large majority in parliament, and therefore a strong mandate for negotiations on a hard Brexitu, “at the expense of European workers in their own country.” But May did not get this mandate – adds the largest Italian newspaper columnist. “The result of the referendum on the Brexitu can not be changed, but the British policy started to move” – ​​zauważa.zobacz also: Commissioner Moscovici Premier May misjudged the forces »Tyszka elections in the UK. UK: It can lead to changes in the Tory leader »According to the commentator perhaps May not be able to keep the seat or the Prime Minister will be required to return to the polls. According to him, all this and proves that May is not like the Iron Lady, Thatcher. “Moderate Brexitu opponent turned up at the helm of government in its most fierce advocate” – assesses. In the author’s opinion in the May election campaign it was almost hopeless: “coldish, pathetic, bossy in proclaiming the slogan: + + Brexit Brexit it.” “Many Englishmen had enough of her and seven years of Conservative rule” – he added. According to Thursday’s vote publicist confirms once again that early elections do not solve problems, which, as pointed out, is a lot of terrorism, assassinations questioning the multicultural model, growing social inequalities and of course Brexit. “Europe has already come to terms with the loss of London; sophisticated negotiations that siałyby uncertainty, not to pay anyone. It is better to part in such a way as to minimize harm to employees, students, who emigrated, free trade and financial markets “- says. “La Repubblica” emphasizes that the victory of the conservatives is actually a “painful defeat”. Roman newspaper columnist argues that “elections have led to Italianized the United Kingdom in accordance with the traditions of our worst.” British politicians are not used to “solutions full of fantasy, cynical and risky” but “probably will have to get used to this, at least for a little” – he added. “Il Messaggero” puts the emphasis on the fact that the uncertain situation in London will lead to the fact that negotiations on Brexitu will be even more complicated. They were, as the newspaper, the election of the “thrill.” According Emilewicz results of the elections to the Senate, the receipt by the PiS 48 places in the 100 can slow down the legislative process, but does not pause. “The lower house, or Sejm in the legislative process, even if the Senate does not approve the bill, may adopt it again a majority. So we are in a situation such that the legislative process is possibly longer” – said Minister of the Republic on TV. She noted that the PiS will talk with Senators hoping for good cooperation. The elections, which took place on October 13 won the PiS, which gave 43.59 percent of the votes. voters, or 8.05 million Poles. Thus, it received 235 seats in the Sejm and 48 seats in the Senate. In second place was the coalition of the Civic with a score of 27.40 per cent., Which is supported by 5.06 million voters. It gave her the 134 seats in the Sejm and 43 in the Senate. In addition, the Parliament also received their representation: Left – 49 seats with the support of 12.56 per cent .; PSL – 30 seats with the support of 8.55 per cent .; Confederation – 11 seats with the support of 6.81 per cent., And the German Minority – 1 mandate. In the Senate seats respectively won: Left – 2; PSL – 3, and unaffiliated senators – 4. The turnout in Sunday’s elections was 61.74 percent. Went to the polls 18.7 million Poles. (PAP) According to US media, it is expected that the US president Donald Trump withdraw his country from the nuclear agreement with Iran; Monday he wrote on Twitter that on Tuesday will announce its decision on that agreement. May the spokesman, referring to Washington’s plans, told reporters: “We still believe that the maintenance agreement in force is the best way to neutralize the risks (which would be a) nuclear-armed Iran.” “We also recognize that the pact does not regulate certain issues which need to be addressed, such as ballistic missiles or what will happen after the expiry of the contract and the destabilizing activities of Iran in the region,” – he added rzecznik.zobacz also “The Times” Trump breaks an agreement with Iran »European leaders and diplomats tried to convince Trump that it could trigger a new confrontation between the West and Iran. In the last three weeks, representatives of France, Britain and Germany have made a visit to Washington, where they tried to dissuade the president of the US plan to withdraw from the agreement. Goal of the July 2015 agreement between the six major powers (US, France, Britain, China, Russia and Germany) and Iran is to reduce the country’s nuclear program in return for the gradual removal of sanctions. Trump during the presidential election campaign of 2016 years sharply criticized the document. Platform Leader on TVN24 referred to the issue of the recent local elections in Gdansk, where the platform issued Jaroslaw Walesa as one of the rivals for the mayor Adamowicz. Parliament Speaker explained that Adamowicz talked about this many times. “I thought that would be the victim of political revenge on the part of prosecutors and political opponents, so that it can be” – he added. In the opinion of the President of the OP “intensity of the proceedings, which were conducted against” Pawel Adamowicz, increased during the elections, when – as he said – “it was expected that the Platform will be a candidate.” “Many talked, if you can find another structure, in which he will be exposed to growing this policy of hatred” – powiedział.zobacz also Parliament Speaker: Alexander Dulkiewicz has my full support in the election for president of Gdansk »” In election night, after the first round immediately, without any conditions we said Pawel Adamowicz, the PO candidate, as well as a team of people, which introduced to the Council, with whom we have a coalition, “- stressed podkreślił.Jak, its history and Pawel Adamowicz was” joint and parallel “for decades. “We talked about everything. Many times about Gdansk, as well as its future.