End discrimination against Horijons

Speakers at a conference on Monday demanded that the government take steps to ensure rights of Horijons living in Bangladesh.

The horijons are still deprived of their due respect even after 40 years of independence of the country, they said.

They blamed the present government for negligence in implementing its promises to the Horijons in electoral pledges in 2008 and urged all Horijons to be vocal to ensure their rights.

They expressed concern as the Horijons are not recruited to their desired jobs after completing graduation. So they are losing interest in education.

The conference was organised by Bangladesh Horijon Oikya Parishad in association with Manusher Jonno and Fair at the Public Library auditorium in the city.

Bangladesh Horijon Oikkya Parishad will observe different programmes to press the government to implement five-point demand to solve different problems of the horijons.

Addressing the conference Babu Krishnalal, president of Bangladesh Horijon Oikkya Parishad said, “Discrimination towards us still exists in the society. So the Horijons have been struggling for due respect.”

He demanded to quotas for horijons to in jobs as well as in getting admitted in educational institutions.

Dr. Sultana Kamal, chief guest of the conference and executive director of Ain O Salis Kendra said, “Each human being deserves due respect irrespective of caste, creed, colour and race. So we have to establish equality and human rights. Justice, democracy, good governance are must to achieve this. We can ensure it by united movement.”

Among others, the conference was addressed by Beli Rani, Suchitra Sen, Moni Rani, women leaders of the organisation and Rina Roy, director of Manusher Jonno.