Improving Access to Justice of Dalit Community through Human Rights Education

Major Tasks

Trained up the existing Pancheyet of the Dalit communities under sherpur and Jamalpur District. Development of Pancheyet net work to work commonly for community interest. Involvement of women representative in the Pancheyet forum. Training to women on gender and human development aspects to be equipped with the information on legal rights. Strengthening of Pancheyet and development of linkage with the Govt. sector for enjoying the citizen rights.


  • Women folk of Dalit community are aware of women rights and gender equity.
  • The existing institution- Panchayet is gender sensitive and functional.
  • Human Rights Defenders-both women and men fight for mainstreaming Dalit community (Target Beneficiaries) have access to Civil Service Delivery Institutions(CSDI) and local Government.
  • Dalit community(Target Beneficiaries) have access to information.

Working Area

20 Panchayet of Sherpur, Sreebordi, Nokla, Nalitabari, Jhinaigati, Jamalpur Sadar and Sarisha Bari.