Promoting Gender Sensitive Panchayets of Dalit Community in Bangladesh

Major focuses

  • Trained up the existing Pancheyet of the Dalit communities under Dhaka and Narayangonj city to become aware of their rights to mobilize for establishing human rights.
  • Development of Pancheyet net work to work commonly for community interest.
  • Involvement of women representative in the Pancheyet forum.
  • Training to women on gender and human development aspects to be equipped with the information on legal rights.
  • development of linkage with the Govt. sector for enjoying the citizen rights.
  • Running Pre school with the children and support to primary admission.



  • Target communities made better aware of their problems, Prospects & rights.
  • Institutional capacity of Pancheyets of the target communities enhanced.
  • Adolescents and children of the cobbler and Sweeper provided with better access to educational and cultural resources
  • Organisational capacity of SHAREE developed for effective implementation.


Working Area

60 pancheyet under Dhaka, Narayangonj and Munshigonj districts.



Intended to continue