Empowerment of Untouchables living in urban slums of Bangladesh (Pilot phase)

Goal of the project: To develop linkage and networking of Dalit community with the existing Service Delivery Institutions, National decision making authority and the media as well to forecast Dalit issue.

Objective of the project: Awareness program through group discussion, training, and meeting was conducted by following a participatory decision with the community.

Duration of the project: 2009-2011

Donor: Oxfam-GB

Background information of the project: SHAREE as partner of Oxfam-GB agreed to provide its committed effort for implementing the pilot project in three sweeper colonies under DCC -Gonoktuly City Sweeper Colony, Nazira Bazar Sweeper Colony and Wari City Sweeper Colony.

Results: Through the implementation of the project, interrelations between SHAREE and sweeper community was developed; sweeper community leaders were more aware on their problems and causes of problems than they used to be before; and they became capable to explain their own problems as well as curious to know how they can better live their lives and shoot their problems. They also have direct scopes to discuss with DCC to get 50% job under DCC. They also could apply through the DCC to the government for solving their housing problem. The project was also opened the door for them to make contacts with the Department of Social welfare and Youth Development Directorate, which was instrumental for them to communicate with the government to best serve their interest.

Conclusion: Through participating in the project activities, the sweeper communities in Gonoktuly, Nazira Bazar and Wari developed relation with the municipal authority, and the DCC also aware about the problems of the sweepers. Community concern was also developed for their children’s education. The results of the project’s pilot phase were very satisfactory but there remains risk for future sustainability.