Strengthening the voice of Human Rights Defenders to protect Rights and Entitlements of Ethnic Minority

Goal of the project: To strengthen the voice of human rights defenders to protect rights and entitlements of the ethnic minority in Bangladesh.

Objective of the project: To develop an organization for Dalit community women; a Dalit community youth organization; and an organization of Dalit community leaders.

Duration of the project: 2013-2015

Donor: European Union; Oxfam-GB

Background information of the project: The project’s activities are directed towards boosting up Dalits’ morale and make them understand they are no less than anyone in the society. It planned to strengthen the Dalit Human Rights Defenders Forum, and accordingly various activities like training, discussion, meeting, lobby, advocacy programs have been implemented in Dhaka City Corporation areas.

Results: CBO’s of Dalit and Minority communities are strengthened and they became aware of the rights and deprivation; a group of human rights defender has been developed to protect human rights in cooperation with DCC and National Human Rights Commission; and developed linkages between CBOs and Government authorities; raised awareness of different media and civil society groups about oppression on Dalit and Minority human rights issues.

Conclusion: The project was able to make contacts with the National Human Rights Commission, and the commission agreed to support the human rights defender group as required. The program delivery methodology has also ensured participation of various stakeholders to increase effectiveness of CBOs raised and their activities. We hope, the development would have a long-lasting impact.