ROSC (Reaching Out of School Children) Project

Goal of the project: To improve equitable access, retention and completion in quality primary education for out-of-school children in selected under-served areas.

Objective of the project: The objective of this project is to reduce number of out-of-school children in selected under-served areas through provision of access to formal primary education (Anando School) with grants to learning centers and education allowances to eligible students.

Duration of the project: 2005-2014

Donor: Ministry of Primary and Mass Education; the World Bank

Background information of the project: Reaching Out of School Children (ROSC) Education is the project of the Government for fulfilling the commitment of Education For All (EFA). SHAREE awarded to implement the project as ERP from 2005. SHAREE ran a total of 412 centers with 14340 children in the Sherpur, Natore and Gaibandha district in 6 Upazila with the support of Ministry of Primary and Mass Education and The World Bank.

Results: Community concern for children education, esp. in the disadvantage area, was developed. It created enough scope for the community for mainstreaming through dialogue with UEO, TEO, UNO, and local school committees. It also developed confidence among CMC members about school management, and making available of trained teacher in the community level for children education. The opportunity created scopes for children’s education that were ‘out-of-school’ but after the project intervention, they get within the reach to establish their education rights.

Conclusion: Learners are provided with free books, education materials, exam fees, school uniform and education allowance. Grants are provided for establishing learning centers known as Ananda Schools in the communities with their participation. Teachers are appointed from the respective catchment areas. The project has many programs… The project also has taken up pre-vocational training program for ROSC graduates, Sishu Kallyan Trust students and of Government Primary schools age 15+ with employment opportunities.