• Strengthening the voice of Human Rights Defenders to protect Rights and Entitlements of Ethnic Minority

    The project’s activities are directed towards boosting up Dalits’ morale and make them understand they are no less than anyone in the society. It planned to strengthen the Dalit Human Rights Defenders Forum, and accordingly various activities like training, discussion, meeting, lobby, advocacy programs have been implemented in Dhaka City Corporation areas. Continue reading

  • Justice for Food and Agriculture system in Bangladesh

    This project aims for a ‘gender’ analysis, in the context of climate change, to promote an understanding of the ways that men and women are differently impacted by climate related hazards and by adopting adaptation and mitigation strategies. The project worked specially on the issue of gender equity and perspectives to empower women to offset the effects of climate change in agriculture and help them access to cooperative market in Sherpur district in Bangladesh. Continue reading

  • Advocacy to Enhance Justice for the Climate Vulnerable People in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh is highly vulnerable countries to climate change due to global warming, because it is low-lying, located on the Bay of Bengal. So, sea level rise, temperature rise, increased evaporation, changes in precipitation and changes in cross-boundary river flows are identified as the agents of change, which cause the most threatening impacts in the natural, social and economic systems of the country. So, the key risks identified for adaptation in Bangladesh are: drainage congestion reduced fresh water availability, disturbance of morphologic processes and increased intensity of flooding and disasters. ‘Network on Climate Change, Bangladesh (NCC, B)’ was established in 2005 with the support of ‘Bread for the World (BftW)’, Germany to address climate challenges. SHAREE implemented this project as a partner of NCC, B. Continue reading

  • Improving Access to Justice of Dalit Community through Human & Women Rights Education

    This project, with the financial assistance from “KIOS-the Finish NGO Foundation from Human Right” implemented from August 2012 to July 2015. This was an integrated project to mainstream Dalit community for establishment of their human rights through the network of Dalit community. The project was implemented in two districts, Jamalpur and Sherpur. Activities planned were to make existing Dalit-Panchayet gender-sensitive and democratic; develop Human Rights Defenders-both women and men; creating scopes for them so that they can have access to Civil Service Delivery Institutions (CSDI) and local Governments and have access to information. Continue reading

  • Strengthening the Voice of Human Rights Defenders to protect Rights and Entitlements of Ethnic Minority

    The project was mainly planned and designed to develop Human Rights Defenders within the indigenous communities by providing a number of inputs like training and to groom them so that they can defend their own rights during adverse situation. The project also was aimed at nursing the organizations of the indigenous people. The project was supported by Oxfam-GB. Continue reading

  • Integrated Community Based Arsenic mitigation Project (ICBAMP)

    SHAREE implemented this arsenic mitigation project with the support of NGO Forum for Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation under its Dhaka Zone from 2007 to 2009 in e Gognagar Union of Narayanganj Sadar Upazila, Narayanganj. Continue reading

  • ROSC (Reaching Out of School Children) Project

    Reaching Out of School Children (ROSC) Education is the project of the Government for fulfilling the commitment of Education For All (EFA). SHAREE awarded to implement the project as ERP from 2005. SHAREE ran a total of 412 centers with 14340 children in the Sherpur, Natore and Gaibandha district in 6 Upazila with the support of Ministry of Primary and Mass Education and The World Bank. Continue reading

  • Post Literacy & Continues Education Human Development Project (PLCEHD-2)

    Post Literacy and Continued Education for Human Development (PLCEHD) was a project for the neo-literate for proper utilization of knowledge and skills. The project procedure created scope for the learners to involve in income generation; contribute to eradicate literacy, alleviate poverty and human resource development. The project was implemented by the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education through the Bureau of Non Formal Education (BNFE). SHAREE was a partner of PRATAY to implement the project activity in Sreebordi, Sherpur. Continue reading

  • Empowerment of Untouchables living in urban slums of Bangladesh (Pilot phase)

    SHAREE as partner of Oxfam-GB agreed to provide its committed effort for implementing the pilot project in three sweeper colonies under DCC -Gonoktuly City Sweeper Colony, Nazira Bazar Sweeper Colony and Wari City Sweeper Colony. Continue reading

  • Strengthening of the Panchayet of Dalit Community by making them gender sensitive and gender balanced for empowering women’s legal and fundamental rights

    The project aimed to achieve empowerment of the cobbler and the sweeper communities by understanding the rights and entitlements provided to them constitutionally and through the declaration of human rights. It was also aimed at enabling the target group to be able to demand their access to rights. For the aims to be achieved, Dalit Panchayets of these communities was planned to be brought together through networking to establish an effective and vibrant platform for acting as bargaining agent to ensure their access to public and private services. The working locations of the project were 20 cobbler Panchayet and 2 sweeper communities under Dhaka and Narayangonj District. Continue reading

  • Urban Governance & Infrastructure Improvement Project (UGIIP)

    To increase economic facilities and preventing environmental vulnerability, improvement and expansion of physical infrastructure to face poverty and natural disasters, this project was undertaken by the Government with support from the World Bank. It aims to improve utility services for the urban population along with improvement of the condition of poor community people living in slums. It also aimed to develop a closer relation with the urban poor for their poverty alleviation and safe-keep the urban environment at Gazipur, Sherpur and Narayanganj municipalities. Continue reading

  • Improving Access to Justice of Dalit Community through Human Rights Education

    Trained up the existing Pancheyet of the Dalit communities under sherpur and Jamalpur District. Development of Pancheyet net work to work commonly for community interest. Involvement of women representative in the Pancheyet forum. Training to women on gender and human development aspects to be equipped with the information on legal rights. Strengthening of Pancheyet and development of linkage with the Govt. sector for enjoying the citizen rights.
    Continue reading