Strengthening the Voice of Human Rights Defenders to protect Rights and Entitlements of Ethnic Minority

Goal of the project: To protect and promote human rights of the indigenous communities so that they can live a decent life.

Objective of the project: Objective of the project was to develop a rapid response team to confront human rights violation cases and access to justice; and to strengthening minority people’s organizations.

Duration of the project: 2013- 2016

Donor: Oxfam-GB

Background information of the project: The project was mainly planned and designed to develop Human Rights Defenders within the indigenous communities by providing a number of inputs like training and to groom them so that they can defend their own rights during adverse situation. The project also was aimed at nursing the organizations of the indigenous people. The project was supported by Oxfam-GB.

Results: The project has successfully mobilized and involved different actors like Dalit leader, youth from the community people (both male and female), journalists and lawyers to protect minorities’ human rights. Human and constitutional rights issues and messages widely circulated by the groups. Human rights defenders groups raised and they actively protested when attacks on minorities happened.
Demands to the government for special quota for the Dalit students were successful as 3 universities e.g. Dhaka University, Jagannath University and Jahangir Nagar University declared 1% quota for Dalit Student admission.

Conclusion: Defender group developed linkage with Bangladesh Human Rights Commission. The Commission assured to support the group legally.
Department of Social Welfare assures to support the community with the available facilities remains with the Department.